Persborg is a neighbourhood with a low employment rate of 48% and a high rate of 59% people living alone.  By extension, many other problems branch out of this including underutilised competencies of community members and a lack of access to resources, skills and networks.  The trend has been that the solutions to tackle these problems have come from the outside of the community. This has often proven ineffective. Lack of Accessibility

Malmö is quite segregated as a city and people from certain neighbourhoods may not connect with people from other neighbourhoods. Social innovators and entrepreneurs also lack a space to connect with each other, and furthermore with the communities. A lack of accessibility to resources, skills and networks means that community members are not provided with the platform to connect with other like-minded people and that affects their feeling of belonging to the community. Underutilised Competencies

Malmö is also a multicultural city, but many people’s skills are untapped because the resources that they have are limited. Local community members may underestimate their competences and not know how to apply them constructively to society.  Many community members also lack the know-how of navigating the Swedish system to access the resources. On the other hand, there are a surplus of resources that can be shared throughout the whole city that aren’t being taken advantage of.


We get to empower local citizens working with entrepreneurs in Malmo in projects that are for the common good of the city that will eventually evolve into independent initiatives. Social problems require a multi-disciplinary team of different skills and approaches. By attracting a diversity of skills and mindsets, we allow the opportunity for an effective solution. The solutions will be driven by the local community


The residency and hub gives the possibility of integrating newly arrived citizens with existing initiatives in Malmo. It provides a space for people to get together to share their stories and skills. Ultimately, it strengthens the ties inside the community.


By promoting a sustainable way of living, we expose the community to a smart use of resources, collaborative consumption and upcycling. We give community members the opportunity to learn the skills needed to live sustainably, as well as giving them the resources to do so. This has an indirect impact on the economy.


We at Connectors are strong believers in participatory democracy. Part of the reason that we both want to live and work at Persborg is that this will deepen the connections with the surrounding community. This means that we will have an ongoing discussion within the community about all things, high and low. This way we will make sure that our projects and our activities are rooted in the needs of the community. This also means that we can serve as a go-between for the city of Malmö. For any kind of citizen involvement in Persborg, Connectors can act as the initial counterpart, and relaying questions and topics to the members of the local community.

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