About Connectors Malmö

Connectors Malmö is a community of people from here and there, doing this and that to make our city a better place.  We are grassroots, we are not-for-profit, we are passionate and we love to explore, engage and give back. We don’t fit in a box. Some people call what we do “social innovation”, others call us idyllic neo-hippies, still others have no idea what we are.  At the end of the day, we like to think we’re just a group of people making the most out of what we got to make the world a better place.

Our story

We are a work in progress, and we will always be evolving. We were born in the autumn of 2012 as a group of newcomers to Malmö. Connectors Malmö was an excuse to weave ourselves into the cultural and social scenes of the city. In the beginning, we organized biweekly networking events and inspirational talks called the Connectors Salon. This was how we found out what kind of people were in the city. In 2013 we organized our first For Malmö By Malmö, a 24 hour sleepover event where over 100 people from all over the city found new ways to solve Malmö’s problems. Many of the ideas that came out of this event turned into independent initiatives that continue to grow to this day. In 2014, we began working on our first featured project, the Connectors Residency and Hub. This project was the manifestation of all of our learnings and connections from our first two years of operating. In addition, we also launched the Rude Food project in collaboration with Tapori Tiffins.

Our values

Our existence as a grassroots movement is rooted in several fundamental values.

These help guide our decision-making processes and the direction of Connectors as an organization:

We believe in the power of collaboration

Collaborative commons is the way forward. Everybody has something to offer, and everybody has the capacity to use their skills for the common good.

We believe in making the most out of our resources

Nothing is more frustrating than excessive conferences with outrageous budgets.  We like thrifty ideas and the upcycling culture.

We act global and think local

Sure, we’re based in a small city in the south of Sweden, but we’re not limited to Malmö. We’re made up of an international crowd in an uber-international city. Many of us hope to scale our ideas and projects from Malmö all over the globe.

We believe in the human element

Solutions for society’s problems need to be based on people. Adopting a human-centered approach means we try our best to be real about what problems we try to tackle and create relevant solutions.